Over the past several years, I have had the opportunity to work with amazing people and organizations from all over the world.  Below are some highlights and information.

Creative Cities Summit – The conference I co-founded and continue to produce.  We have produced three events and are currently in discussions for a fourth Summit in 2012.  For more info, click here.

AMBIT Northern Ireland – From 2007-2010 I worked with Northern Ireland’s Human Relations Council and the Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action on a remarkable community development project.  Every year, they would select a dozen leaders from both the Protestant and Catholic communities from across Northern Ireland.  They would represent the public, private and voluntary sectors.  The delegates were brought to the United States for a two-week learning tour to various cities. I would build the content and program and travel with the delegation as their American liason. Once here we would take them to see various people and organizations that were examples of best practices in community, social and economic development.  Over the years we visited Washington DC, Baltimore, Newark, Philadelphia, Chicago, Memphis, Austin and Tampa Bay to see and hear about great projects from the people making them happen.  Over the years I got to see amazing connections made between people that crossed sectarian lines and laid the framework for reconciliation and cooperation between the communities.  Truly this was one of the most important and rewarding projects I have ever worked on.

European Clusters of Cultural Enterprises (ECCE) – In the summer of 2009, I was asked to work with the Creative Industries Development Agency (CIDA) in the UK on an EU funded project to build innovation capacity in the creative industries sector.  In this first year of the project, we received training from the amazing Enterprise Development Group and I became a certified innovation coach and trainer.  From that point, the project involved working directly with creative industry businesses to build their internal capacity and innovation capability.  For the initial phase of the project, our work centered on the northwest area of England in the cities of Leeds, Huddersfield, Sheffield, Barnsley and Doncaster.

Charles Landry & the Art of City Making – In 2009 I produced, directed and shot this documentary film about Creative City’s founder Charles Landry.  Filmed over several months, two continents and three countries, the film looks at the man and the work he has done for over 20 years.  Ranging from walking the streets in the UK to historic Savannah, Georgia to his 400 year old home in the Cotswolds, here we see the origins of his work, his inspirations and insights into the future of cities.  Featuring Dr. Richard Florida, John Howkins, Carol Coletta, Pier Giorgio Di Cicco.

Creative Class Group – From 2009 through 2010 I was a blogger for Richard Florida’s Creative Class Group and was part of their speakers/facilitator team through 2012.

Creative Places + Spaces: The Collaborative City – In 2008 and 2009 I worked with Toronto’s amazing Artscape organization on their seminal conference, Creative Places + Spaces.  As co-producer, I worked with them on everything from content, programming and logistics.  They put together an amazing team of players that included the City of Toronto, the Martin Prosperity Institute, MARS and the University of Toronto. Speakers included Richard Florida, Sir Ken Robinson, David Buckland and Spencer Tunick.